About bill-johnson.com:

This site was started in 2004 for no good reason, and has since proven to be a successful time waster for at least myself. Apart from functioning as a traditional blog, chronicling the life and times of Bill Johnson as though my life and times might actually be of interest to the Internet at large, the site has also served as a forum for great or opinionated minds.  And although in the end humanity will be no better for the work we have done here — and in fact may in some very small way be worse off — this site will at the very least act as a rear view mirror for me personally, helping me to remember all I’ve done, where I’ve been and with who, and of course all of the idiotic things I’ve said.

About Bill Johnson:

I live with my animal friends in rural central Ohio.  My interests include beatbox flute, abnormal canine psychology, tasteful gorging, and competitive procrastination.

Contact me on Last.fm, Xbox Live, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or Hulu, or through the Contact page on this site.

Although it was probably unnecessary, some animals were harmed in the making of this website.